Best way to make money on the internet

    Joe White ThD

    I didn’t say “easiest,”, I said BEST

    • There are a ton of ways to make money on the internet.
    • The internet is strewn with the corpses of dreams of a quick buck.
    • Thousands of dollars have been wasted – hours and hours have been spent in the elusive dream.
    • So, is there a “best way” to make money on the internet?

    First, it is not rocket science!

    • Literally millions have and are making money on the internet.
    • Much depends on what you consider making money.
    • Some people expect to make millions, and a few do so.
    • Most fail miserably, while a few succeed in making a few dollars.
    • It certainly can be done and is successfully being done as you read this.
    • You can also benefit from the literally millions of shoppers who are on the internet every day.

    Let’s look at some ways:

    • Build your own website and sell your own products on line.
    • On your website, sell a service or product, such as a book, newsletter, or other services.
    • Affiliate Marketing is THE IN thing today.
    1. Affiliate Marketing offers you the benefit of selling services or product without having to carry an inventory.
    2. It offers you the benefit of direct shipping and collecting money so that you don’t have to be a “store”.
    3. Some affiliate sites do require an investment of some kind.
    4. Nearly all of them require you to have a website.
    5. Most of them do require you to do some “marketing,”,”, via email, regular mail, or social media marketing.

    Here are just a few (certainly not all of them) who offer Affiliate Marketing:

    • Amazon the biggie!.
    • Shopify:
    • Ebay:
    • Clickbank:
    • Rakuten:
    • Wealthy Affiliate:

    So which of these is the best?

    • All of them are reputable and very good.
    • Each of them are unique and have different requirements and commissions.
    • I am certain none of them are without complaints – don’t know many companies that aren’t.
    • They are all unique, so you just have to try them to see which one is a perfect fit for your niche.
    • “Niche” is an important word – it describes what product or service you want to specialize in.
    • Don’t use the “shotgun” approach and try to sell every product you see.
    • You will only spread yourself so thin you won’t accomplish anything.

    Do the research –

    • Don’t rush into anything. Haste makes waste!
    • Take your time and check out all of them if you can.
    • Make sure you are getting the facts about each one.
    • Caveat emptor – “Let the buyer beware.”, Be suspicious of everything until you know for certain.
    • I personally am a “pessimistic optimist” – I look at everything as being a scam until I am sure it is not.

    Don’t waste money and time –

    • Many Affiliate Marketing programs do not require money or a credit cards.
    • That gives you the opportunity to try before you buy.
    • Experiment with one and if you are not comfortable with it, move on to something else.
    • Don’t spend money on something unless you are comfortable and feel that it is going to work for you.
    • Make sure it is a product or service that YOU believe in and would buy.
    • If you can’t believe in it, how are you going to convince me to believe in it?

    Most of the Affiliate Marketers I listed above sell products

    • Make sure you have the tools to market the products.
    • A pretty website is not enough! You have to have a means to tell people it is there.
    • Ranking on the Search Engines is not enough.
    • So, make sure you find your “niche” that you are comfortable in and believe in.
    • There are also Affiliate Marketing programs that sell services or subscriptions.
    • Be very wary and careful about ones who sell only subscriptions and offer no services.

    Are there scams on the internet?

    Oh yes, some haven’t been caught yet, but it is just a matter of time. One of the largest scams that have recently been shut down is (My Online Business Education). The FTC shut it down after receiving complaints from hundreds of people, some who lost as much as $20,000.

    Unfortunately, I was one of those who was scammed! Fortunately though, I only lost a few hundred dollars before I realized I was in a scam. On the surface, it appeared legitimate. They offered tons of lessons on how to make money on the internet, how to know the ins and outs of several software programs, etc.

    It was a high priced multi-level scheme that got busted. There are many others who have bitten the dust in recent years and I am sure there are many more waiting in the wings.

    Several scammers are sending emails saying that your computer is at risk from malware and that they can help you clean up your computer. Just download their software and all your troubles will go away – so will your bank account!

    Just remember this – if something sounds too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true! Caveat emptor!

    Over the last 15 years, I have tried about all of them. Unfortunately, I did not find my elusive dream, only nightmares.

    How do I know something is a scam?

    • It is not always easy.
    • Beware of high price programs that charge you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to join. Most are NOT worth it.
    • Be very careful of those programs who offer high paying commissions.
    • Let your antennae go up when they offer loads of “up sells” after you sign up at a seemingly low price.
    • Open your eyes wide when you are pressured to act quickly as this may be “taken down at any time.”,
    • They are right…the FTC may take them down soon, along with your hard-earned money!

    Don’t get taken!

    Okay, you’ve scared me and now I am afraid to open the internet! Don’t be. There are some good people still out there, offering some great products and services. Take it from someone who has been there, done that and got the t-shirt, although it doesn’t fit!

    Let me take a few more minutes of your time and tell you about a program that I have been a member of for over a year and am totally happy, feel very comfortable with and have built 3 successful websites with them.

    I’m talking about my friends Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate.

    You certainly can join their program with no money. You do not need to give your credit card to join. You can try their services free and if you like it, you can continue as a free member, or you can make a modest, one step upgrade that gives you a tremendous amount of extra services and help that is well worth the monthly fee.

    Better yet, for a very modest amount, you can choose to pay annually and save even more, but you are not required to do so. You will receive NO pressure, not be hounded to “upgrade.”,

    Yes, you can make money several ways. They offer an excellent Affiliate program of their own, plus they offer several Affiliate sites that you can join as well.

    They offer tons of training programs, webinars, help desk and the best part for me, meeting a load of wonderful new friends from around the world. You can build and they will host up to 50 websites! The only thing you will need to pay for is the domain fee of $13.95 for each new domain you wish to build a website on.

    I invite you to join me without any cost, no credit card and no wild promises of getting rich quickly. Take a look and if you’re not happy, go somewhere else. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    I look forward to welcoming you to the Wealthy Affiliate site soon.

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    8 thoughts on “Best way to make money on the internet

    1. Hi! Thank you for clarifying from the very start this is not the easiest. So many of us get it wrong when it comes to making money online. There are so many sites that offer easy money online that we’re kinda wired wrong thinking an online business will be easy. There is no such thing.

      I greatly appreciate you have structured your post with a lot of bullet points really easy to follow. This is worth sharing!

      1. Thanks Henry. I’m writing from experience. I’ve been where the rubber meets the road. I’ve fallen and failed so many times, wasted so much time and money, I could have started a bank! Stay on the straight and narrow and don’t ever give up.


    2. Affiliate marketing is never easy especially in making a content and increasing your traffic for ranking. But this is a legit way of doing online business because you absolutely get what you have worked for. Yes, the income all depends on the amount of work you put through with a great strategic plan.

      All of these things are achieved with Wealthy Affiliate because of the reliable features it offers. Everything is prepared for you such as tools – software programs, training, community and affiliates, so as to equip you to become an effective affiliate marketer. Wealthy Affiliate has been giving help for more than a decade to its members. It’s one of the best indicators that this company kept its reputable name in the industry. Thanks for sharing this, I hope readers can find out for themselves why I speak highly of it. 

      1. So true. Best platform I have found. 



    3. I’ve heard about affiliate marketing many times before but I wasn’t really aware that it is the best way to make money online…

      It actually makes sense now since you don’t really have to own a product in order to start making money with it. So, I guess, I’ll have to check out this Wealthy Affiliate you mentioned in order to get started?

      1. Thanks Harry 

        Click the link on my website and check it out free. Let me know if you have any questions. 



    4. Hi Joe,

      Excellent article, I really enjoyed the reading!

      I am a Wealthy Affiliate member for over 4 years now, and all I can say is that it is by far the best platform in the world to create a thriving business online. Thank God, I have never been scammed because I am quite suspicious by nature, but thank you for the tips!

      I do have a question, though. I am thinking of doing dropshipping. So my question is, what is more profitable, Affiliate marketing or dropshipping? Also, do you need to invest money in dropshipping?

      Thank you so much in advance!

      1. I’ve not tried dropshipping, but there are several who offer it. WA has a nice Affiliate recommendations section. Might give it a try. 


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