Building a model railroad – Here’s how

    I’m hooked…hopelessly, helplessly…

    and glad to be! After 81 years, I finally discovered something I can be really excited about.

    You guessed it…model railroading!

    • I love model building. My house is full of model airplanes and cars.
    • Now, I’m on a new venture and loving every moment of it.
    • The beauty is that I found out BEFORE I invested a ton of money how to do it right.
    • Let me share this with you to save you loads of time and money as well.
    • Model building of any kind can tie up a bundle of money and time. Get it right the first time!

    I want the biggest, badest, meanest setup I can find!

    • Wrong…slow down…take a deep breath…it can save you a bundle.
    • Which size do I want? A big one, with lots of track and landscaping?
    • Maybe, but maybe not. To be, or not to be…that is the question.
    • A number of factors go into deciding which way to go…let’s look at some of them.
    1. Realistically, how much space do I have to build my dream board?
    2. Exactly, how much time do I have to spend…weekends? Evenings? Couple hours in the morning? How much?
    3. Okay, let’s get real for a minute…how much money do I want to spend… Fess up…be realistic.
    4. How long is this going to take?
    5. Am I good at building things?
    6. Will I get overwhelmed?

    All these are real questions to ask BEFORE you leap.

    Model railroading offers the most diversity of any hobby I have found. It allows for so many options. It allows for the space you have. Consideration is given for your budget. You can have as big or as small a layout as you want.

    Perhaps a simple, small one train track is just what you need. You can have that. If you have the space, time and money, you can build a system that will boggle the mind.

    That said, start with a single track, then build on that.

    You’ll make mistakes. I promise you will mess things up. You will buy something and realize it was not what you wanted. Sit down and plan before you buy. Take a yellow pad and draw a layout that you would like. Better yet, look on the internet at some suggested and pre-planned layouts. Could save you a lot of headaches later.

    Now’s a great time to share a valuable tool.

    Let me share a great resource that has changed my way of thinking about model railroading. I turned to someone who has the answers, the experience and the expertise to help me plan my experience and I’m sure can help you too.

    Unless you already have a system and layout, before you dump loads of time and money, take just a few minutes and check out my friend Dan Morgan’s valuable resources. Click HERE to get complete information.

    Don’t worry…the cost is dirt cheap and if you don’t like what you see you can get a 100% refund…no questions asked. What have you got to lose, except a bunch of time and money if you don’t!

    If this doesn’t make your mouth drool, you’re in the wrong place!

    Imagine the excitement of watching your own village, town, mountains and landscape come into being. Just think about watching your new-found hobby taking shape and the train/s running around the track, going on to the side rails, stopping at the station/s.

    Wow…this is the most exciting thing that I have ventured into and I am anxious to see you get as excited as I am. The old adage is so true…”the proof of the puddin is in the eatin”!

    This is one thing you will have to experience for yourself. If you live near a hobby shop and they have model trains set up, by all means go see them. Go on the internet and shop around, but the easiest and quickest way to get the complete details is from Dan’s resources. I encourage you to just take a look. If you don’t like what you see, you are not into model railroading and you

    need to look for something else.

    Just looking at these pictures gets my juices flowing!

    Can you imagine standing in front of your own layout, that you have worked on and built with your own hands? Can you just envision that locomotive puffing out smoke and bringing back childhood memories of the real trains?

    You won’t know until you try it for yourself. I could spend the rest of the day just sharing with you my own experiences, but you need to hear it from someone who is an expert.

    I am still a beginner myself. I am still in the planning stages. I have chosen my scale as “N” because of my space limitations. There is so much stock available and more is coming on line every day. I love the detail of N, but you may choose the more popular HO scale for your layout.

    Because of its popularity, HO has more stock, more options and the details are better. It’s a choice you have to make for yourself.

    But before you decide, I ask you again, for your own sake, get advice from an expert. There are many out there and all of them will steer you to the right place. I have personally chosen Dan for his easy to follow, simple instructions. He helped me choose my scale, my layout and gave me great advice on the stock to buy.

    You are on the right track here!

    No matter which scale you choose because of space, budget and time, you are going to fall in love with model railroading.

    Again, here is the link to get Dan’s complete information. Click HERE.

    Remember, if you are not 100% satisfied, he offers a full refund. Oh yes, by all means join the club. It is well worth it, if no other reason, the discounts and advice from other members.

    Get on the right track and have a wonderful time model railroading.


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    2 thoughts on “Building a model railroad – Here’s how

    1. Thank you for this article! I was looking for a guide to build a model railroad. I think I am a model railroader at heart, because i get excited about model railroads. I am having trouble deciding the purpose and the setting for my railroad. I think I want it to be a historical setting. 

      I think I want to choose a smaller scale because I have limited space. I am getting started with my pencil and paper drawings now. Thanks!!

      1. Thanks Chuck. That’s why I chose N scale. Don’t necessarily recommend going smaller. You lose a lot of detail. Enjoy


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