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    Great ideas for healthy eating and lifestyle

    Get Well Now

    Not tomorrow, not next week – NOW I’m 81 years old. I thought I was in pretty fair health. I walk a mile to the post office at least 3 days a week. I try to eat reasonably well, fruits and vegetables, no sugar, no soft drinks. Yet, I am still 15 to 20 pounds overweight. I have AFib and take blood pressure medication. I visit the doctor every 3 months, the cardiologist once a year, the urologist yearly and I’m tired of it! I have been searching for years for something that works! I want a healthy diet, but […]

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    Mediterranean diet for heart health – Having a healthy heart

    I doubt anyone would dispute that a healthy heart is the most necessary issue to a healthy body. What is the Mediterranean Diet? If you want a healthy diet plan, I know of none better than the Mediterranean Diet. There are many versions of it, and there is a free diet cookbook at You can find Mediterranean Diet menues all over the internet. All Recipes: Cooking Light: Mayo Clinic’s Pyramid Is the Mediterranean Diet expensive? No more so than any other diet plan. As a matter of fact, it is usually less expensive, simply because you are just buying produce at the local […]

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    beginners guide drinking – what to drink

    Every living creature needs water. Does this mean that humans are limited to only water? Find out in this article what to drink and what not to drink. You may be surprised by what you find. To drink, or not to drink Eight glasses a day. A little wine for the stomach’s sake. Herbal drinks Fizzy drinks A strong Cuppa Joe How much of our body is actually water? Depends on who you are: Adult males, about 60% Adult females, about 55% Children, about 65% Infants, about 75% Source: Everyone knows it, but not everyone does it – drink […]

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    Is your food safe – trust the label?

    Most everyone likes to eat, but what do we eat? Where does your food come from? Grocery Store? Farmers Market Prepared food sources Fast Food places Food from the grocery store Most of us buy most of our food at the local store. Larger towns are blessed with having huge chain stores. A few are blessed with having Whole Food stores. The secret in all these places is the label, but can you trust the label? Okay, the secret is to buy organic food…wrong! There are as many if not more scams in organic food labels as any other food. […]

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    importance of a healthy lifestyle – how to get it and keep it

    What is a healthy lifestyle? Eating right The importance of a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet. What does this mean? Proper times of the day to eat Proper food to eat How to eat When is the best or proper time to eat? Not when you’re hungry! Same thing goes for grocery shopping. Almost all nutritionist tell you that your day should begin with a healthy breakfast. What is a healthy breakfast? For some, it will be bacon and eggs. Others will be content with an English muffin, juice and coffee. Some will be happy with a health […]

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