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    N Scale Model Railroading – just the right size

    Choosing the right size scale is the most important decision. Okay, so you’re new to model railroading. You’ve been bitten by the same bug that has bitten all of us model railroaders. You’ve drooled over all the fantastic layouts and decided, “this is for me”. Oops! Cart before the horse – there are some decisions to be made before you leap off this possibly expensive cliff. How much space do you have – truthful now. What is my budget – get real, keep your marriage intact! When will I find time to build my dream layout? Can’t do it in […]

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    Building a model railroad – Here’s how

    I’m hooked…hopelessly, helplessly… and glad to be! After 81 years, I finally discovered something I can be really excited about. You guessed it…model railroading! I love model building. My house is full of model airplanes and cars. Now, I’m on a new venture and loving every moment of it. The beauty is that I found out BEFORE I invested a ton of money how to do it right. Let me share this with you to save you loads of time and money as well. Model building of any kind can tie up a bundle of money and time. Get it […]

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    Building a model railroad – let me show you how.

    One of the most exciting and enjoyable hobbies Model railroading is at the top of the list. I have built every kind of model you can think of and railroading is my favorite. It is not expensive to begin. Certainly it is not difficult. Let us show you HOW. Welcome to my favorite hobby I am 81 years old. I love model airplanes, cars, and boats but I have to tell you, my all time favorite is model railroading! I got hooked on model railroading when I read Dan Morgan’s exciting books about beginning a model railroad. I loved building […]

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    model trains for beginners review – the best guide

    Do you dream of model trains? Can you envision your own model train village with buildings and layout? Looking for the best guide to begin with model trains? Your search is over! Dan Morgan is no doubt the greatest expert on model railroading I have ever met. All my life (81 years) I have built models of all kinds. I love models and am intrigued most by model railroading. The opportunities in model railroading are limitless. It can go from just a few dollars to thousands (I guess even hundreds of thousands) of dollars. You can make your own layout […]

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