Dare To Conquer versus Wealthy Affiliate – Review

    Is Dare To Conquer a scam, or a worthwhile opportunity?

    Let’s look and see.

    Dare to Conquer Review

    Name: Dare to Conquer (formerly BBC Billionaire Blogging Club)
    Website: www.daretoconquer.com
    Price: Free to join. $99 per month after that

    Owner: Paul Scrivens

    Overall rank: 4 out of 10

    Who they are:

    • They specialize in Blogging and offer courses to teach you
    • They offer several courses that you can buy from $99 up
    • Schrivens doesn’t hesitate to use swear words quite frequently
    • He advertises himself as a “No BS guy.”
    • It costs $997 to begin the courses and to join (very confusing pricing)
    • They do offer “Free boot camps” with some courses

    Do I feel it is a scam?

    NO…just pricey. If you have the money and time, could be your bag, just not mine.


    Is there an alternative?

    Absolutely, and a great one too. I’m talking about Wealthy Affiliate.

    • You can sign up for no charge and no credit card required
    • You will be able to upgrade for a very reasonable fee to take full advantage of all the tools offered
    • There is not a site on the internet that offers the quality of training that is available
    • You can have up to 50 websites hosted here!
    • There is literally hundreds of thousand happy subscribers to share info and questions with
    • Meet more new friends than any other site (this is NOT a dating service!)


    It cost nothing to sign up – no credit card is required. You can opt to go Premium, which offers many more features, but that is not a requirement.

    Is there an “Upsell?”

    You could call it that. It is called Premium and it offers many more features, but is not required, nor is there any pressure on you doing so. There is also the option to make the payments on an annual basis and save a bundle of money($229 to be exact).

    What about training?

    Unequaled at any cost. It takes most people nearly a year to complete the scheduled training, plus there are webinars, special training and one is offered the opportunity to write training materials after completing and meeting the standards.

    Can I build my own website?

    Up to 50 actually! They offer the best website tools that are available and training doing so that is unequaled. All you need to pay for additionally is the cost of the domain/s ($13.95 per year each). The websites are hosted and loads of helpful information is available for them. They offer suggestions for keeping your website healthy and plenty of tools for doing so.

    Are there testimonials of satisfied clients

    Literally thousands! I’m sure that like any internet program, you will find disgruntled people who want someone doing all the work for them while they lay on the beach and watch the bank account grow. Doesn’t happen anywhere that I am aware of. If you know of one, please let me know!

    What about friends and support?

    I have never met so many friends, true friends, helpful friends, caring friends as I have at Wealthy Affiliate. I have met friends from all over the world, every walk of life and all have been helpful and willing to learn as well. The support team at WA is unequaled anywhere. There is the chat link that you can go on 24/7 and get instant help from real, live humans!

    Okay, how about the pitfalls, the minuses. You’ve shown me the pluses.

    Truthfully, overwhelming! The training is so thorough and intense I have had to go over the lessons several times to be sure I grasped everything. Of course, it costs money if you want to get results, but the cost are minimal in comparison with the comparison chart I have included.


    There are more money making schemes than you can ever participate in on the internet. You will run out of money long before you exhaust all the schemes and scams. Yes, there are some legitimate ones and there are some inexpensive ones. Usually, people price their services for what they are worth, or a tad more! It is so true, if it sounds too good to be true, it is probably too good to be free.

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    14 thoughts on “Dare To Conquer versus Wealthy Affiliate – Review

    1. I heard about DTC and stumbled across your review. I was told that they can teach you to create your own service products.

      So I was really anxious to know what they offered as courses. When you say blogging, are you saying that they equally provide resources to teach you SEO and content creation?

      How about websites and hosting? Would I have to budget extra for these additional tools?

      1. Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, you pay for every lesson separately. I did not want to pay $99 to $399 per lesson, so I honestly don’t know what they teach. I have read other reviews and it seems they specialize in teaching you to blog, which WA also does. I have not finished the article as I have a comparison chart to insert in the post. Maybe they will help further. I don’t think it is a scam, just expensive.


    2. I’ve taken a look at DTC, and it does not look very professional. I mean, that website has no images, and not a lot of content. So it’s believable that they teach about blogging, but I suppose this will not lead to well-visited websites, because there is so much about blogging besides writing words, and they don’t seem to have caught on to that fact.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate sounds very interesting, I’d like to find out more about it… when I have more time… for now it’s only on my to do list.

      1. Thanks Phil

        I’m on my second year here at WA. I definitely feel the Premium program at WA is the way to go. If you haven’t taken a look, yet, you can see it here. It is well work the money. Check it out here https://bit.ly/2YJBfeO

        Enjoy the journey.  


    3. How will it look like when we use all our savings to try all the website that was not knowed to be scamed and the one that doesn’t have a positive yielding? It would have be another story. I appreciate the fact that you unveil the truth about ‘Dare To Conquer’.
      Dare To Conquer may be a legit website for blogging and learning but the price is just too exorbitant. $997 for training and registration is just very much. I can deep myself into this program when there is better less expensive and yielding alternative platform.

      1. Hang in there Stella. I am inserting a comparison chart in the post that will also help. Come back again tomorrow and look again.



    4. Dear Joe,

      Thanks a lot for the helpful comparison.

      I believe many people who look to make money online opportunities are the people who struggle with their finances. So they will find it hard to join this program (Dare To Conquer) and to be honest as you mentioned the price is expensive.

      The price difference between Wealthy Affiliate and Dare To Conquer is huge.

      I am a Wealthy Affiliate member for 2+ years and I knew nothing about Affiliate Marketing and Blogging when I joined WA in September 2016. All I did is just followed the WA training, and since December 2017 I am a full-time blogger working from home.

      Based on my experience, WA is the best training platform I came across to learn about making money online.

      Much Success!


      1. Thanks Paul

        I have not finished the post as I am inserting the comparison chart in. I don’t feel they are a scam, just too expensive for my budget. WA is the best!


    5. I very much liked your write up on Wealthy Affiliates.  It was well laid  out and authoritative and I appreciated the point by point look at all of what it has to offer.

      How was your experience with Dare to Conquer?  Was their training thorough or did you find it lacking?  It seems rather expensive to me, especially compared to WA but I was wondering what the pros and cons are other than that?

      Again, thank you for the comprehensive write up on Wealthy Affiliates, wherein you give excellent information!

      1. Quite honestly I really didn’t get into the training as each lesson cost between $99 and $399 and it was just too rich for my budget. I am sticking with WA as the training is unequaled and the price is much, much better. I am inserting a comparison chart in the post later today. Check back tomorrow.

        Best wishes for your success.


    6. I’ve heard about dare to conquer a few days ago and I thought I might try it out. However, I read somewhere that Paul Scrivens was tied to many other scammy products which were after just stealing your money…

      What about this Wealthy Affiliate? I haven’t heard about it before… Has it helped you make any money online?

      1. Hi Harry

        Can’t comment on Scrivens. Have heard stuff, but have no proof. I am on my second year with Wealthy Affiliate and love it. My goal in joining WA was not just making money, but getting websites for helping people, which is working wonderfully. Check out Wealthy Affiliate here https://bit.ly/2YJBfeO. Cost nothing to check and no credit card is required.

        Best wishes for your success.


    7. I haven’t come across Dare To Conquer, but thanks for this review, will be including it to my stay clear list even if it might not be a scam like you said.

      Whereas, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a platform I have heard tons about. In fact, came across this comparison article of yours in the course of my research to know more about the platform. Could clearly see why so many people love and appreciate this platform.

      By the way, you said something about the wealthy affiliate premium yearly membership that I would be saving about $229 if I go for that option. What is the exact monthly membership so I could tell if I would be saving up to that for real? 

      That saving seems awesome, to be honest, so would really like to know what the actual pricing is.

      Also, after going premium, and I find myself in a situation where I can’t afford the yearly membership, can I downgrade my membership back to monthly or even free membership?

      Would appreciate your reply to all the above.

      Thank you very much, and cheers!.

      1. The monthly premium  is $49,while the annual subscription is $359, hence the savings. 

        Here’s the link for the Premium information if you’d like to check it out:


        Hope to see you there. 



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