Money making scams – don’t get scammed

    They are prolific!

    Easy money! Quick bucks! No work required…we do it all for you!

    Yes, we’ve all been sucked in at sometimes by the “easy money” schemes, mainly because there are so many of them. They’re everywhere and they sound so good.

    • No money required
    • We do it all for you – free professional website, all built for you!
    • Residual income for the rest of your life
    • Look at my bank statement… I made $5,000 just in one day!
    • Trust me
    • Join thousands who have made a fortune

    No money required…really!

    • You have just fallen for the greatest scam of all times! You sign up, then comes the “upgrades”, without which you have limited, or no access to all the “goodies” that you could have if you only forked out $49 more.
    • So, you fork out the $49 and you now have access to the next “upgrade”. For just $99 you can get all the tools you will ever need to make a fortune!
    • You lay out $99 more hard-earned cash and surprise…you get another “upgrade”. For only $199 upgrade we’ll send you tons of leads.
    • Now, you have spent $347 for a “free” money making scheme and all you have now is credit card charges for upgrades.

    We do it all for you – FREE professional website

    • I have some swamp land in Arizona I want to sell you if you believe this.
    • Ever seen the “free websites”? I know, that’s why they are free
    • So, now you have a professionally built website…that and $1 will get you a Senior Coffee at McDonald’s!
    • I know this will come as a shock, but there are no free websites!

    Residual income for the rest of your life

    • Buy your airline ticket for your dream island, relax and watch the money come in!
    • You’ll never have to work the rest of your life because there is welfare, food stamps, and free lunches
    • One problem…ain’t no free lunches!
    • The dream island is only for the scam artist
    • The residual income only goes to their scammer

    Look at my bank statement!

    • I copied it fresh off the internet
    • The only problem is its fake!
    • Anyone can produce a fake bank statement
    • the only one making $5,000 a day is the scammer, not you, who has just charged $347 to your already maxed out credit card

    Trust me

    A few years ago there was a TV program in the U.S. that had as the opening of the program a guy with a gun, saying “trust me”, as he fell backward over a log.

    If it sounds too good to be true, generally, it is too good to be true! My father had a great philosophy…don’t trust anyone until they earn your trust by being trustworthy.

    A friend of mine sums it up well…”I’m a positive skeptic!”.

    Be positive in your beliefs but be skeptical of anything that smacks of a scam, and there a lot of scams out there to make you skeptical.

    Join thousands who have made a fortune

    • Where?
    • How?

    Remember Wendy’s hamburger ads years ago? “Where’s the beef?

    I love the line in the Jerry Maguire movie, “show me the money!”, .

    Yes, there are thousands who have made a fortune on the internet and there are thousands of scammers on the internet. Your job is to locate them and avoid them. I feel one of my goals in life is to not only avoid them for myself but to help as many as possible to avoid them and not waste hard-earned money on scams.


    Are there legitimate ways to make money on the internet? Of course, there are. There are probably more legitimate ways than there are illegitimate ones.

    I have personally spent thousands of dollars (I think “wasted” is a better word) on internet businesses. Until a few months ago, I had not found even one that worked for me. Does that mean that they were all scams? Not at all, it’s just that they didn’t work for me. I found too many promises and no beef!

    I decided to try just one more. Have I found my internet mecca? No, but I have found something that actually works and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg. It provides me with up to 25 legitimate websites, hosted and with legitimate domains.

    I’m a little over half-way through all the training that is provided and I must say, it is fantastic. Are there any downsides to it? Haven’t found any yet.

    Have I had to put a ton of money on my credit cards? No, only the small amount that I was told about up front. Have I been asked for “upgrades?”, . Yes, there are some available, only one that I feel I personally needed and there was no pressure to take that one.

    Okay, okay, what is it? Show me the money!

    it is Here! Just click the link and find out for yourself. No pressure…no promises…just results.

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    33 thoughts on “Money making scams – don’t get scammed

    1. I am one of the many who have fallen for these get rich quick scams – little work required and revenue gained. You make a great point – these programs ask for little money in the beginning, then upgrade for more money, then upgrade again for even more money, etc. This isn’t getting rich, this is them getting rich at your expense! Love how you mentioned the people who screen shot their “bank statements” that shows a photoshopped amount that includes the money they just charged your maxed out credit card! Your link to wealthy affiliate seems to be the only “legit” online marketing business out there – no extra charges, just one fee and you have it all!

      1. Thanks for the feedback 


    2. I love how you are so brutally honest here, a really funny article and amusing to read but all that you say is true….

      If it sounds to good to be true then that is usually probably because it is! 

      Its really commendable of you to use your time to help others avoid being scammed it really is the most awful feeling when you are conned out of your hard earned money!

      1. Thanks Dianne. 

        Appreciate your feedback


    3. Great article Joe, 

      Being a victim of internet scams for 2 years I can totally relate to this. I remember at one point I got so fed up with these internet gurus that I decided to write reviews of all those programs who had scammed me. I got threatened and cyber bullied by them just because I was doing a video exposing what the member’s area looks like. 

      We need more good Samaritans to help expose these scammers so that newbies won’t fall into the traps of these evil people. Awesome write up man, I hope many people will have the chance to read this, including me. How I wished I would have found your article sooner, would have saved myself a lot of money :/

      1. Done with scams!

        Thanks for the feedback 

        Enjoy the journey 


    4. Hi,

      This is another scam I have seen so far….No money required – Is Impossible.We do it all for you – free professional website, all built for you! – Have you ever heard about free PROFESSIONAL….never….Look at my bank statement… I made $5,000 just in one day! – Can always copy and paste…hahaTrust me – Prove me how should I trust you?

      Mind me, I have come across many scam…being scammed too…that’s why I’m very positive about your article, they are scam….

      I have log into your website, and I know Wealthy Affiliate too, have been trying out as trial. So far…I enjoy it very much.

      Thanks for sharing.

      1. Hope you enjoy WA. I love it. 

        Thanks for the feedback 


    5. I think so many of us have fallen for the so called bad opportunities and honestly it gets old after a while.  That is why we need to fight back and the way to do that is to educate.  The more people we can get reading articles like this will help them keep their money in their wallets or on their credit cards.

      I to am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and that really is the way to go.


      1. Thanks Dale. 

        Appreciate it. 


    6. This is fabulous I must say. You said it all. Over the years I have come across lots of scammers on my search to make money online. Many had fake promises, fake creators with Fake identities, fake reviews by fake Fiverr actors and fake claims all out to reap us off of our hard earned money. I’m glad you are doing all you can to keep us informed and imuned from these Internet fraudsters.


      1. Thanks. Great comments 


    7. I havr fallen for this kind of get rich quick schemes so many times, I have wasted so much money that I could have used for more valuable things. I got frustrated, angry and sad. I try everything mlm, online surveys, trading robots (or something like that). Nothing worked out for me, until I found the exact same program that you are promoting! 

      It was the best decision in my life!

      1. Welcome to the club!  We’ve all wasted a lot of money. 


    8. After reading this article I realized that how many times myself I have fallen into these kinds of scam. It is true that they produce these fake stats to lure people into it.

      Until the moment you talked about the fake bank statements I didn’t really think about it much. But now I understand how this online world works.

      Thank you so much for this great information.

      1. We’ve all done it. If I  can save just one it’s worth it!


      2. Lots of fakes out there! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a post.

    9. I enjoyed reading your article on online money-making scams. The internet is certainly an amazing platform for making money, but unfortunately, the flip side also exists. So many programs boast quick returns, with little effort required. The truth is it takes a lot of effort and time to make money online. 

      I’m glad I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It’s where I learned by internet marketing skills, and would have joined years ago had I known about it.  

      I like your friend’s quote about being a positive skeptic. That’s what I am. I think it’s a healthy mindset!

      1. Thanks Holly. 

        We all learn the hard way. 

        Glad you found WA 


      2. I guess the words “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) apply to the internet. Glad you found WA. Stick with it.

    10. It’s sad that there are so many scammers out there trying to make a quick buck off unsuspecting people. They know just what to say to reel people in. I know – I’ve been sorely tempted to try out some of these schemes before, until I remind myself that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

      1. You’re right. We’ve all been there. 

        Thanks for your good feedback 


    11. I like your page that expresses the concerns and difficulties that come about because of fraudulent programs.Since fraudulent programs are obvious it is indisputable, and everyone who works in online marketing faces them. I have been killed several times by fraudulent programs that promise solutions but they actually do not offer anything. Work in online markting is nice but and tiring.The biggest fatigue is traffic to the site. Everyone wants to make money with online marketing, but it’s not as easy as it says, because it requires a lot of work and time available except the money it spends. WA is one of the best programs where investment I think it’s safe.Thank youWith respectArtianB

      1. Glad we found WA. Thanks for the good comments. 


      2. So true. Not easy, but if we persist we shall succeed!
        To your success.

    12. Hi there, I am a sucker for this, excuse my language. When I was younger I always fall for the easy money making online. Have been making many mistakes, been too many MLM or network marketing seminars, just so many that I learned from it. I guess it’s the financial freedom that has always been my ultimate goal in life, but let’s be honest is there a thing such as the financial freedom? There might be for someone out there, but I haven’t met that person yet, I want to and want to dig that person brain but I still have experienced that you have to work to make money. However, you can choose what type of environment that you want to work in and the flexibility of your choice. By the way, love your dad statement! I am also exploring the online business venture like you, good luck on that, there are so many opportunities online. 

      Hope your post reaches people out there so they can avoid the mistakes that both you and I made. Very informative, thanks!


      1. Unfortunately, most of us have lost a lot of money. 



      2. Ain’t it the truth! Looks like we’ve all been there. Thanks for the post.

    13. It is easy to find a scam on those days. The truth is if you don’t work there won’t be money. “No bees no honey, no work no money” is my favorite. There is a way to have some income through the internet, but it requires a lot of work and effort to be successful. You are no the only one that had spent money in scam projects. Thank you for this post, we must be alert to stop these fake people with a lot of promises.

      1. Thanks for the great comments. Yes, we’ve all been there!


      2. I appreciate your thoughts and post.

    14. The whole ideology of not working and making all kinds of money doesn’t even make since to me.  Seriously, just talk with anyone that has had success financially.  Guess what they have busted their behind working a lot of sleepless nights.

      But Draft Money Making looks like a huge scam and thanks for spreading the word.  

      If they charged your credit card $347 can’t you put a bank block on your account, though?  I have had issues with companies trying to charge me after I had cancelled.  You can probably get your money back if you prove that you cancelled and they didn’t honor their end of the deal.

      1. Thanks Garen 

        I appreciate the feedback. 


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