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    Are you at a point in life where you don’t know where to turn?

    There is hope!

    I’m not trying to sell you anything… I have no sales links to this post….you will not be asked to buy anything or subscribe to anything. There may be links here, but they are links to help if you want to click them. No obligations.

    What do you need help with? Let’s start here.

    1. First, most types of help are local in need and action. So we have to narrow down what you need help with.
    2. Next, if it is not local, we must determine what type help you need.
    3. Finally, there is a lot of general help available and that is what we are going to be looking at here.

    Health Issues.

    Unplanned pregnancy…a major concern!

    Of course, this is an emotional football that no one wants to handle. There are all sorts of advice, both good and bad that are available. While abortion may seem the easiest and most convenient way of handling the situation, it is one that should be carefully thought out and not a decision to be made in haste.

    Yes, there alternatives, but are they right for everyone? That’s why this post wants you to THINK before you react! There are choices and perhaps you shouldn’t make them on your own.

    Here is a website that may offer you suggestions: What are my alternatives?

    Planning for death…ouch!

    Few people want to talk about this, but everyone of us is going to die, either expected or unexpectedly.

    Why should we be thinking about death at such an early age? The main reason to think about it is for those who will be left behind. An unexpected death can deal a huge blow to a family. Most people never give it a thought, little less prepare for it.

    When my first wife contracted pancreatic cancer and the doctor gave us only 5 to 8 months for her to live, I began to think seriously about death! Not only did I make plans for her passing, I began to make plans for my own. Before she passed, I went to the funeral home and made all the plans. When the final day came, I was so relieved that I had done that.

    I began immediately to make plans for my own passing. My present wife and I went to our local funeral home and made complete arrangements. That will save so much extra headaches for my family when the time comes, which it certainly will. I am thinking of them, not just myself. You should think of your family as well.

    We will either die of disease, old age or by accident. Can you prepare for this? YES! What if a loved one is approaching death? There is help. Again, let me give you a suggested website: Planning for death…yourself or a loved one.

    Okay, let’s talk about another serious situation…debt!

    Some people are literally drowning in it. Some have moved, turned their phone off, gone into hiding, while a few may have resorted to more drastic methods, including the thought of suicide. .

    The place to begin is to admit you have a problem. You cannot ignore the problem and it will go away. I promise you, it won’t go away. There are probably not too many philanthropist who will step up and bail you out! So, before you go any further, admit you have a problem and commit yourself to resolving it, while you still have a choice.

    Is debt a national problem? You betcha…the average American family debt is over $144,000! That amounts to over $14 TRILLION! That is staggering!

    Many families have both the husband and wife working, sometimes two jobs. Families are being destroyed by debt. The divorce rate is an all time high, much caused by debt.

    Let’s see if we can’t shed some light on the subject…there is hope!

    First, if you can’t afford your bills, you certainly can’t afford to pay someone to help you pay them! Many have fallen into this trap.

    Before you get too far down the debt path and reach a point of no return, let’s look at a lot of possibilities.

    Here is a link that can help you find answers to your debt problem: Find out what debt options you may have?

    Of course, one option is bankruptcy, but that option also costs money, but the worst news is the repercussions:

    1. Bankruptcy stays on your credit report for up to 10 years.
    2. Most lenders ask, “have you ever filed bankruptcy”? So, 25 years later you could still have a black mark.
    3. Not all debts are released in bankruptcy, such as taxes, school loans and some other debts.

    So, stop, think, ponder all of your choices BEFORE you pull the plug, so to speak.

    With all this said, there are many churches, local societies, etc. who offer debt counseling to help you before you get to that point of no return.

    The secret? Use them!

    This can be included in medical, but it is so serious it deserves its own section.

    I put this in its own category because of the seriousness of it.

    Here’s a quick link for help: Find out about depression and get help.

    If you clicked on the link, you will discover the various forms of depression and how they can be treated. Depression, if left untreated can lead to suicide and often times, does.

    If you have ever lived with someone who suffers depression, you will understand about the mood swings, the “down days”, the highs and lows. If you have never suffered from depression or lived with someone who has depression, you may be in for a shock when you do.

    I lived with my first wife for over 20 years. I began to notice a change in her moods. This was back in the 1960s and few doctors understood depression. The symptoms only got worse. While riding the train to work one day, I was reading an advertisement for a book in the newspaper. I cannot find the book today, but it was a book by an attorney who discovered his close friend suffered from depression.

    Moral of the book was his friend called him and told him he was committing suicide and just wanted to say goodbye. He rushed to the apartment where his friend lived and found him just in time. He took him to the hospital, where they diagnosed him with depression and was able to treat him.

    We had recently moved to New York from a small town in Indiana and had not found a doctor there yet, so I called our doctor in Indiana. He was a Korean and when I described my wife’s symptoms, he immediately told me to get her on a plane and get her to his office.

    We were fortunate. He was able to properly diagnose the problem and get her on antidepressant medication. Needless to say, medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds since then and depression can be properly diagnosed and treated mainly by medication.

    Today there are many medications for depression and it is fairly easy to be diagnosed. As a small boy, anyone who was suffering from depression was considered to be a mental case! Fortunately, as our doctor discovered, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain and can usually be treated without too much damage.

    The secret? Get help immediately! Don’t delay or ignore the symptoms. Don’t hide your head in the sand and pretend it is only “temporary” as it could be a life threatening situation. GET HELP!

    Finally, a national tragedy…divorce.

    There are no winners in divorce! Unfortunately, there are often kids and they sometimes suffer irreparable damage. Divorce comes about for many reasons.

    I often hear that divorce is worse in the USA than anywhere in the world…really? While divorce is a USA stigma, the official divorce rate is “only” 53%. Take a look at other countries:

    Number one is Belgium with 71%!

    Number two is Portugal with 68%

    Number three is Hungary with 67%

    Number four is Chezc Republic with 66%

    Number five is Spain with 63%

    Number six is Luxembourg with 60%

    Number seven is Estonia with 58%

    Number eight is Cuba with 56%

    Number nine is France with 55%

    Our British cousins seem to have one of the lowest divorce rates (haven’t got the statistics) and the divorce rate is the lowest in nearly 40 years. statistics attribute it to so many “living in sin”, or living together before marriage.

    Okay, we’ve talked about the problem with divorce, is there a solution? Of course, there are always solutions, but many couples don’t want to hear it. One of the biggest problems couples face is incompatibility. They simply do not know each other! Am I suggesting “living in sin” as the Brits do? NO, but there are solutions.

    Interestingly enough, (okay, I know, its another link) there are some solutions: divorce solutions.

    Well, I can’t solve the world’s problems and I know there are certainly more problems than I have written about in this brief post, but this could save some problems and help you find some solutions by clicking some of these links, if you are having issues with any of these.

    As I told you from the beginning, I am not selling anything. I only hope that you will find some helpful information here that could save your marriage or save your life. I pray that you will find hope and that your dreams will come true.

    I welcome your questions and your comments. If you would like to see more articles like this, your the rest of my website.

    To your success.


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