importance of a healthy lifestyle – how to get it and keep it

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Eating right

The importance of a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet. What does this mean?

  1. Proper times of the day to eat
  2. Proper food to eat
  3. How to eat

When is the best or proper time to eat?

Not when you’re hungry! Same thing goes for grocery shopping. Almost all nutritionist tell you that your day should begin with a healthy breakfast.

What is a healthy breakfast? For some, it will be bacon and eggs. Others will be content with an English muffin, juice and coffee. Some will be happy with a health shake and coffee, or perhaps tea.

Best time for breakfast, if you can, is as soon as you get up and get dressed, especially if you work during the day.

Good time for lunch, if at all possible is near the mid-day, or noon.

Ideal time for dinner is before 7, if at all possible. This gives your food time to digest and not lay on your stomach while you try to sleep.

A great time for a snack is never…if you have to have one, make it healthy, such as a piece of fruit, or raw veggies, or maybe unsalted nuts.

With all this said, you’re working hours may change that somewhat, but these are great guidelines if you can.

Proper food to eat

Healthy food of course, but what is healthy? No doubt but fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal. Occasionally mixing in some chicken and fish and on rare occasions, beef. The debate goes on and on about vegetarian as opposed to the meat and potatoes diets.

There’s the South Beach Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the Adkins Diet, and the list goes on and on. What is the very best diet? The one that works for you! If you don’t like it, you won’t eat it, no matter how good or healthy it is.

Try different things until you find something that you enjoy eating and at the same time, helps you get to the weight level that you want to be at.

How to eat

Okay, okay, I know…with a plate and utensils… I heard that!

First, get away from your desk or work site. Many companies provide an area that is clean and conducive to eating. A picnic area is great, but best of all is a table and chairs. The old fashion dining room table is fantastic. A park bench can also be a great place. The important thing is to stop working and eat.

Don’t hold a sandwich in one hand and a cell phone in the other. Don’t set your plate on your computer!

Equally, if not more important, is how much you eat. My doctor told me that my portion of food should be no larger than my fist. At first, that seemed like cruel and unusual punishment! After trying it, I found that was just right.

Don’t eat until you’re full. Nearly every doctor and dietitian will tell you to only eat what you are comfortable with. Wait just five minutes and you’ll feel full…try it for yourself.

One doctor told me to fix a plate with whatever I wanted to eat, push half of it off onto another plate and have it for dinner (or supper, as we say in the South).


I know, that’s almost as bad as a four letter word! You can have the very best diet possible and if you don’t do some kind of exercise, you will not be healthy. Groan and gripe all you want, but the evidence is stacked against you. It will not work.

What’s the best kind of exercise?

The kind that works…where have I heard that before? You can hire the very best personal trainer, join the nicest gym in the area and waste your money.

Bottom line is that you have to find something that works for you. I’ve tried it all. Hired a personal trainer. Joined a great gym. Worked out 2 times a week and still was overweight. You have got to get the right combination of healthy eating and healthy exercise.

You know what works for me? Walking, just simple walking. It is one mile from my house to our post office and back. I do that five times a week, weather permitting. If the weather is bad, I go to the local gym and ride the stationary bike or use the walking/running machine.

Hey, are you telling me I have to exercise five times a week? No, but two is better than none. Actually, my personal trainer spilled the beans and told me that if I walked one mile, three times a week, it would be as good as he could do in my workout with him.

I took his advice and now I enjoy the scenery, the birds singing, the flowers growing and the breath of fresh air.

Eighty years old, six feet into the air and weight between 195 and 205 pounds. My doctor is a happy camper and every three months loves to tell me what great shape I’m in.

Get out there and smell the roses and walk yourself into your ideal weight. You just might meet someone you really would like to walk with. You won’t know until you try it.


Just too simple? Darn tootin and it works. You can go ahead and waste your money on gourmet food, personal trainers, workout classes (and by the way, there are some good ones), or you can KISS it… Keep It Simple Stupid!

Remember, I told you my goal was to help you find the healthy lifestyle. You have to admit, you can’t beat the price and it actually works. Of course, I am assuming that you are not bed fast, or too ill to walk.

Try it…you just might like it.

Joe (some call me Dr. Joe).

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