intelligent risk taking – is there such a thing?

    What do we mean when we say intelligent risk taking? Is it possible? Let’s talk about it and see if we can find the answer. Let’s dig through all the hype and misunderstandings.

    Life is a risk

    • When you step out your front door you take a risk
    • You could be hit by a tree, or a car, or perhaps an airplane could fall on you
    • When you get in your car, you really take a risk. It’s not about you…it’s about all the other drivers out there
    • Just as bad, you take a risk in your own home. You could fall down the stairs. You could fall in the bathtub
    • In business, you really stick your neck out. What happens before you step out of your front door?

    What happens before you go out the door?

    • Have you thought about the roof caving in on you in bed?
    • Maybe a fire will start and you could lose everything
    • Perhaps you will plug in your coffee pot and get electrocuted
    • Maybe, just maybe the cereal or the eggs are spoiled
    • You could slip on a skate in the floor and break a leg

    Now, the scary part…stepping out of the front door

    • Is there ice on the steps or sidewalk. Maybe you’ll fall
    • You could lock yourself out of the house and have to break a window to get back in
    • Maybe the car won’t start. Perhaps the bus will be late
    • Wait…maybe a tree will fall on you
    • Oh dear, an airplane could fall out of the sky…happens all the time

    The best is ahead of you – going to work

    • Do you know what the chances of getting in a car wreck are? One out of 77
    • What are the odds your boss will give you the pink slip? Depends on many things
    • You could be accused of a sexual crime and go to jail
    • Your business could take a nosedive and face bankruptcy in a day
    • You could be sued for negligence and lose all your life’s savings

    Now we turn the cards over…could be a full house!

    Okay, we’ve looked at all the bad and crazy things that can happen. What are the odds they will happen? This is where intelligent risk taking comes in. We can lessen all the odds by doing a few simple things.

    • First, insure yourself properly. Get a reliable agent to go over all the risks and insure yourself as much as possible
    • Keep your home safe. Pick up after yourself. Keep your building safe and repaired.
    • Use precautions in the shower or tub. Handles are great
    • Look at food labels. Don/t eat outdated or recalled food. Think ahead
    • Keep your lawn and sidewalks cleared of debris and snow or ice
    • Keep your car serviced
    • Leave 15 minutes earlier for work
    • Drive wise, not aggressively. You can’t fix stupid, but you can slow it down
    • If you are an employee, be happy. Do your job
    • Don’t mess with the opposite sex
    • If you are an employer, treat people good. Cast your bread on the water – it will come back French Toast!

    What’s the worst thing that can happen?

    • You could die – odds are 100% against you. Stay as healthy as you can
    • All of the above things that could happen, actually happen. Minimize the odds
    • Now, with the worst things out of the way, BEGIN!
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    2 thoughts on “intelligent risk taking – is there such a thing?

    1. What an interesting post. I think life is full of surprises but there is always a way for us to prevent any accident from happening. What are you trying to say about intelligent risk? Are you referring it as us taking the next step to progress in our lives? Or you are referring it as the physical aspect that we can be involved in an accident any day?

      1. I want us to realize that everyone is subject to risks. How do we handle them? Do we be like the ostrich and hide our head in the sand and pretend they don’t exist?

        Do we take the risk as a risk, no more, no less and move on with our lives?

        I say take the risk and move on. I appreciate your comments and questions. Obviously I did not convey that message!

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