Perspective – do you have one?

    What is perspective?

    • English Dictionary says it’s a “view.”
    • Could be a view on life
    • Maybe a view of an object
    • Perhaps how you see something or someone
    • Ever had a wrong perspective about something or someone?

    Are you near enough to have a perspective?

    The story is told of two farmers walking down a country road. One quipped, “Look at that white mule down the road!” The other one responded; “Have you ever seen a white mule? That mule is grey!” As they got closer they both found that it was not even a mule, but was a horse and it was grey!

    Maybe you’re not close enough to have a perspective on something. Perhaps you have been told something about a product or a person, only to find to your embarrassment that it was not true. I have used products for years without any problem, only to have others tell me that the product was worthless, or flawed. It’s all in perspective!

    What are you focusing on?

    On some cameras you can adjust the focus of your lens so that objects near you are blurred, while those further away that you have focused on are clear.

    Often times we focus on things that are immenant really are not important at the moment, while things further down the road are what really needs our attention. It’s the old “Can’t see the forest for the trees” problem. We’re focusing on the wrong things.

    Step back from the problem or circumstance and take another look. Try looking at something from another person perspective. Every coin really does have two sides…have you looked at the other side?

    Marriages have been ruined because one person in the marriage had a different perspective and the other refused to look at that perspective. Partnerships in business have been destroyed because one of the partners had a different perspective of the situation. Back up – take another look. Get another perspective.

    Rose colored glasses!

    Ever hear that expression that a person is looking at someone or something through “Rose colored” glasses? Perhaps you or another person is looking at something through different glasses. I have perscription lenses in my glasses. I have worn different kinds of sun glasses and each one gave a different hue just by the color of the lens.

    Maybe it’s time to change your lens, or get a different perspective.

    Is there a “true” perspective?

    • It depends on your upbringing or heritage
    • It’s always possible that your perspective comes from your education
    • Could be your personal beliefs are so strong you may not wish to look at another perspective

    All of the above are possible and none are necessarily wrong, or right. What may be a clear perspective or view to you may be a totally different perspective to someone else.

    I had a professor in college who when a student made a statement said, ” different, but not wrong.” Something may be different that you have been taught, or led to believe, but it may not be wrong.

    Are things really black and white, or are there grey areas? I have to confess I have held some beliefs that I was absolutly positive were black or white, only to have questions raised after doing some more research about it. I am a licensed and trained pilot. I must tell you that in aviation there are some really black and white issues…there is nothing grey about it.

    The laws of aerodynamics are pretty clear. There are no grey areas in gravity! Newton was right…what goes up, must come down. The laws of lift, thrust and drag are very black and white. Nothing grey about them.


    Before you form your perspective or view, make sure you are focused on the proper object. Make certain that you have all the facts. Make sure that your view is clear, not obstructed, or colored by ignorance of the subject. Then and only then form your perspective and be open to a different perspective if needed.

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    2 thoughts on “Perspective – do you have one?

    1. Hi Joe, I must say that this article is very informative and helpful. Every person has its own unique perspective and I think that that is what makes us different. I agree with you about ruined business and marriages but one must think and decide what is best for him. My wife and I have a different perspective but we always find a way to not argue because it is possible to find a solution, you only need to want it.

      1. Thanks Daniel. 

        Appreciate your comments  


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